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Camping Reverse Osmosis - portable system

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This is a complete portable and mobile Reverse Osmosis system ideal for over-landing, 4 x 4 vehicles, camping.

It has a pump and works off a 12v car or alarm battery, your car cigarette plug or normal 220V electricity. The unit is complete except for the battery and adapter to plug into the battery plug from your battery as well as your water tanks. It is very neat and contained in a brown plastic "military-type" container with a lid. You can gather water from a river or basically any source (as long as it is fairly liquid) and it will be purified and safe for drinking.

It is a 3-stage R/O system with a 50 Gal/day membrane, sediment and CTO filter. The system is a compact R/O with no tank that makes 5 Liters of purified water per hour. It has a 50 Gal/ day R/O Membrane, a Sediment and an Activated Carbon Filter, therefore a 3-stage system. It can be used on normal power or on 12V battery power.

The Unit weighs 10kg with packaging and measures 510 x 400 x 220 mm and includes delivery in South Africa.

14 day lead time required to assemble each order.

Price Exclude delivery - will be calculated on ordering - in South Africa only.

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